How to Ace Your First Trimester

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Finding out you are pregnant can be surprising and considered to be one of the happiest days of your life, especially if you want to start your family. It can also be scary because there's another life forming within you whom you need to nourish, accept, love and commit your life with.

So, if it's a positive for you mommy, CONGRATULATIONS!

We all might be under different circumstances when we found out we were pregnant. Some may consider their situation uncalled for and other might consider it an ultimate wish granted.

Every expectant moms know that the first trimester is the most delicate semester during pregnancy. It is the stage when your baby will start to develop his/her vital organs (well, actually everything he/she is) and you needed to take extra care. You will also feel a lot of changes in your body. Some of these changes can be tremendously hard, by the way.

It is true that every pregnancy is different. It can vary from woman to woman. All our systems are deem different and we can't totally compare ourselves to other pregnant woman.

To ace your first trimester with flying colors, here are some tips I can give you: (We might be different from each other, this is just solely based from my personal experience. *wink*)

Be careful on what you eat
When you are pregnant, your stomach can be very sensitive unlike when you were not. During my 12th week, I had an upset stomach that led to LBM because of ~spaghetti~. It was painful and worrisome because I can't drink any medications unless directed by my trusted OB. I have to endure it for 10 to 12 hours before actually going to the hospital.

I was close to being dehydrated and I was rush to the ER and believe it or not, Labor Room. Hahaha! I was with my fellow pregnant mommies ready to give birth but what differs was that I was there with probably the same pain but I'm not yet set to give birth. Hahaha!

So mommy, please mind what you eat. Try to eat healthy and try to satisfy your cravings. Do not ever drink alcohol and you must quit smoking too (if you are smoking).

I'm not a vegetable eater, just to confess. And I always eat whatever is the most accessible - fast-food. And I've learned that there are no special nutrients you will get from eating fast-food. It's good when it's good but we must think long-term.

Always take your vitamins
Your pre-natal vitamins can help A LOT! Especially folic acid. It helps on baby's development and it can minimize your baby's chances of having birth defects.

Don't worry too much
When I found out I was pregnant, I became a worrier warrior. I'm always worried and thinking that something might go wrong with my pregnancy. To tell you honestly, worrying didn't help me at all. I've become too stressed. Up until now that I'm on my second trimester, I'm still worrying. It's normal. But I try not to worry too much. Pray pray pray. Ask for guidance from above and always be honest with your OB on whatever you feel. She could help you to overcome your pregnancy fears and will definitely suggest things to do or to avoid to keep your pregnancy safe.

Sleep on time
I'm a heavy sleeper so sleeping on time or sleeping early evening is not a problem for me. But if you have a different lifestyle, or if you are working or staying up late, you might want to consider changing that.

Sleep is very important so your body can recover and rest from all of the different tasks it needed to do everyday. Your body needs to recuperate.

Skip the harmful chemicals
My former OB advised me to skip beauty routines and make-ups that has isotretinoin. It is present in astringents and other anti-acne ointments and creams. Though, I don't use such products, it is good to be reminded not to use it at all.

Our skin might breakout during the first trimester because of the hormonal changes in our body. Personally, I have experienced it and I have to endure it because I don't want to risk putting on chemicals that might affect my baby.

Make-up is generally safe to use but if you are a worrier like me and you feel like every little thing can harm your little one (hahaha!), you can opt shifting to mineral make-up. The skin does not absorb mineral or organic make-up, it just stays on top of your skin so you do not need to worry that much.

Don't be afraid to be beautiful. In fact, this is the stage when we should feel and act like we are no matter what changes in our body might be. Pregnancy is time for happiness.

Voice out your feelings and emotions
Your mood can change in just a snap. And everything can stress you out. Hahaha! I was iyakin during my first trimester. I don't usually cry especially if there's no valid reason but at some point I was and I think I still am. Hahaha!

I feel pressured about motherhood, to be honest. And I thought that maybe I should speak about it. Voicing out really helped me - no matter how shallow my reasons may be. Hehe! Try to talk about your feelings and emotions to your partner, your friend, or your grandmother, mom or aunt.

Always remember that while you are taking your physical health, you must also take good care of your mental and emotional health.

Surround yourself with happy and supportive people
What made my first trimester easier is because of the happy and supportive people around me. I had very supportive officemates who are mommies too and college friends who give me good advice about parenthood as well.

You can also join mommy groups or mommy forums to know more a lot about pregnancy and to ask several tips to ease your pregnancy worries.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, mommy!


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