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Boracay for the Tita-ish

The right time to update places I've been to is NOW. Hahaha! I've been slacking to post updates and reviews about provinces, sceneries, food, and other places I visited to this blog. I've been busy with my writing gigs, corporate jobs, and family life. But, it's never too late.
Though this post won't make it for the summer cut, because it's now June and just a day left and it will finally be July, at least we can still book flights to Boracay without grilling ourselves too much.
I visited Boracay for work. We had a photoshoot there when I was still connected with a hotel and it was during the Laboracay season. How pitiful coming to Boracay for work! Hahaha! But we did enjoy LaBoracay, of course!
Since I'm a TITA, I was sleepy the whole night. Hahaha! I finally came to the acceptance that gone are the days when I can party all night and stay awake until 7 or 8 in the morning. For those of you who sort of 'feel' me in this case, you can still enjoy…

Happy Father's Day 2017

Before the day ends today, I want to show my gratitude to the Lord above for giving us fathers that change the way how we perceive life in general. We are thankful for all the life's lesson and discipline our fathers bestowed and taught us, making us who we really are as a person today.

I'm far off blessed to have my papa, dad, kuyas, and titos, who have been and still the foundation and the epitome of how real men should be.

To the greatest man ever who didn't make me wait for anything, who showed me what unconditional love is together with the best woman in my life (mama), Papa.

Happy Father's day, Papa! You are part of my every thought. Thank you for your love, understanding and guidance. Thank you for saving my life more than once, twice, or even thrice. I couldn't tell you anything more but thank you and I love you.

I hope that you still have more years to spend with us here on earth because we haven't given back even just half of what you have offered …


I'm taking a bit break from writing, ooppsss, not really though as I'm still writing in here now. Maybe I just want to let me feelings out even a little bit.

As I've told you, our family has gone through (and still going through) a tough time because of my dear uncle's demise. It was so unexpected. In line with that incident, I felt like I'm running against time and I need to do everything all out once. It's kind of tiring but I get the fulfillment whenever I serve my family good, whenever I see them happy when they see me, whenever I feel needed.

I'm independent. I know how to be perfectly alone without needing anybody. And so I thought. I think, nobody should do it alone because it is sad and lonely; and by that, I don't mean you need romantic relationships to feel otherwise, I think what we need are good friends and of course, our family.

Sometimes, I can't help but to regret every single time I haven't gotten to spend with my family. Work…