To all mothers who have been told 'you are not/not yet a mom'

Dear Woman,

I know. Each word from that heavy phrase stings right through your veins and questions every little thing you put up with to fulfill your role as a mother, as a parent, and/or as a guardian. You are a mother who chooses your family every minute of the day and yet you have been told that you are not the person who you are right now, a mother.

Retracing your life to fulfill the hardest full-time job you can ever encounter in this life. There's no vacation leave, sick leave, paid leave or even holidays. You are on it until your shift lasts and there's no retirement with pension guaranteed. You are a mom.

You are strong by far making choice everyday for your family, instilling good manners and right conduct to your children even if you have to play being the tough parent. You get less of love because you are sometimes stiff because you want them to learn, you want them to practice what they have learned and to instill realizations for them to grow. That is your sacrifice, your craft, your contribution. You are a mom.

You make sure you cook good food because you want them to eat well not because you want them to love you as dear. You look after their welfare making sure they know proper hygiene and sleeping on time. You are being tough but it is your tough love that they will come to know. You are a mom.

You forget everything for a second. You even put up for every tantrums. You show love in all different ways. You listen, you comment, you show interest. You are a mom.

There are so many more things you do that you don't take credit for because that's how a mother does it and each time, you pressure yourself into thinking how can you be better at your role. You always assess yourself if you are doing the right thing, if you are making sense, if you are showing your love like how it should be shown. Yet, with all of these efforts, someone along the way will tell you and shove it to your face that 'you are not a mom,' 'you are not ready to be a mom.' It was one way of telling you that you are not doing the right thing, you are not doing your job, you are not enough, you are not playing the part that well in fact, you bruise yourself everyday just to accomplish everything; to fill the spaces, to cover all lapses yet you are still 'not a mom.'

Woman, don't ever think you can't do it. Don't let anyone put words into your mouth. Don't you ever believe that you are not putting up a good fight just to play the role. You are one of the strongest links of all time and there's nothing and there's nobody that can take away your spirit of being a mother. It's a tough job with a lot of comments, opinions and criticisms. You will be judged by the things you can do and cannot do. Don't ever let these frantics bring down your motherly soul. You are a mother, you are meant to be. No matter what your style is, your love is what everyone should see and feel. You are not perfect but you are a mom. You are a wonder. You are super. Always remember that.

Happy Mother's Day.


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