The Magic with Organic

I don't remember having a perfect skin. My skin is definitely not perfect though fair but not good.
I was athletic and layas. I used to go to different places by air, land and sea and I go around UP, Manila Museums, QC Memorial Circle, and other parks in the Metro just by walking. I don't even like staying in cold places, I prefer natural breeze (that's how I grew up), I'm ginawin by nature and I'm a summer baby. So that can explain why and also due to some hormonal thing. Nonetheless, there are days I feel and/or look pretty. Kahit minsan. Hahaha!

During my first few weeks of being pregnant, I was okay. My skin is fine and believe it or not, I'm glowing. Naks! But when I enter my 9th week into this pregnancy, my skin started to become dry. How frustrating! I had my first pre-natal check-up at 4 weeks because I'm early to know that I'm pregnant because I was always on the look out. Hahaha! So during that check-up there were a lot of things I should not be doing, I should not be putting and more so, things I should do and ~must~ do. Topping that is... doing my make-up. Not that I'm not allowed to put make-up but my OB advised me to go over my make-up stash and see what I can use and not. I should be aware of the chemical isotretinoin because it will cause harm to me and the baby.

Making sure that I was, I quit all my make-up and went to work for 2 weeks without it. What-a-disaster! Hahaha! I looked so pale and I was like a walking dead this whole time. So I consulted again with my OB if ever there's an alternative that I can use. Because: 1) I can't go to work without it, it's more on being professional and looking presentable. 2) I want to gain more confidence. Look good, feel good; and 3) sobrang chaka talaga. She then allow me to use... organic and all-natural make-up. Hooray for my life!

With that being said, I'm an advocate for the environment. I am an environmental activist for that matter and I know that organic is the way to go. It's safe for us and for the environment and it's really natural. I'm a user of Human Nature ever since. Their shampoos, conditioners, oils, toners and facial wash. I even gift some of my friends their products so I can spread the word about using ~organic~ products.

When I got the go signal from my doctor, the first three essential (for me) products I bought were:

Mineral Foundation

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I don't go further than putting much layers on my face because I feel cakey and it's not comfortable as I go along my day. To compensate for my base and re-touch throughout the day, I tried this mineral foundation. No harmful chemicals, friends! It comes with different shades (please refer on the photo) that suits our skintone.

Refills are available too and it comes with a good packaging. Though, for me, I think the foundation is kind of soft compare to other foundations, I cracked mine twice already and fixed it with alcohol. Haha! Maybe because it's natural and do not have chemicals to an extent to keep it more compact but overall, it's good and doesn't harm my sensitive skin.

Mineral Eye Shadow

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I chose the palette Earth Beauty because it's dark and I can use the palette Torch for my eyebrows because kilay is life! That's the sole reason why I bought this eyeshadow palette - to highlight my eyebrows.

and last on my ~essential~ list is...

Tinted Lip Balm

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If you are not comfortable wearing bold lipstick or a matte one, you can simply try this tinted lip balm which can also give your lips color. Three shades are available for you to choose from. You can also feel some minty-soothing feeling when applying this on your lips.

Pregnancy for each woman is different. Some had it way worse and most of us don't feel much glow like it's always a rainy day but we can always reverse it with simple remedies and light beautification. Always remember, put comfort above anything else! :)

To know more about Human heart Nature, their products and advocacy, you can visit their website, Twitter, and Facebook.


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