As we go through these difficult times due to a demise of one of our dearest family members, I want to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to all of you who wished as well and extended their deepest and sincerest sympathy for our family's lost. You are all have been dear to us especially during this time that we are experiencing extreme sadness and grief for this unforeseeable event.

I'd also like to share to you things I've learned during the short stint of realizing how truthful and wonderful our Kuya Denz's life has been. He let us realized that no matter where you are or who you are in this life, it is always FAMILY FIRST. He served and supported our family all throughout his life until the very end. We know that even now we've lost him physically, he won't be truly be gone from our hearts for all eternity; and, as much as we are in pained for the end of his life here on earth, we are glad that he is in a much safer and happier place now enjoying his eternal life with our dear Lord above.

There are things I've learned personally through self-realization during the fact: 1) Always put your family first above anything else in this world. They will be the ones who will truly care for you in good times and in bad; whether you need them or not. 2) Your work can pay for your bills, but not for your life. No matter how much money you have, when it is your time to leave... it is your time to leave. 3) Working is great, establishing a good career is better but maintaining good relationship with your family is the best.

In your funeral's eulogy, no one will ever discuss your achievements, your degree, how much you are worth or even your whole portfolio. They will discuss how you have been as a person, how you treated other people, how much you have lived your life and the extent of how much you have loved all throughout. No one will ever discuss how you have been punctual to every meetings, all the work you have done and how much you have accomplished; yet, they will talk about what kind of a mother/father, daughter/son, granddaughter/grandson, aunt/uncle, cousin, sister/brother, niece/nephew, and a friend you are. Perhaps, what I'm just saying is that, if your family needs you (and even if they don't) be there for them ALWAYS.

No amount of achievements or work can be an exchange of your time with your family. It really pays to not miss out any family gatherings whether big or small. Stop texting or emailing about work when you are not supposed to. If they want to issue you a memo because you have been absent for quite long because of family matters, let them be. If they don't understand it well enough, don't bother. You can always find another work but you can't always find the same kind of family. You will not regret every good thing you do for the sake of your family. They are you life, as always will be.

If you know someone who has been quite of a workaholic and spend less and less time with their loved ones, let them know what they are missing. When time ran out, you can never ever get it back. Your family can be harsh to you sometimes but they sure know what's best for you. They will always come to understand everything that's going through with your life and they will always support you no matter how hard it is.

At the end of the day, everything boils down to the place that you call 'home' with the people you consider 'home.' FAMILY FIRST.


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