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Yes Please by Amy Poehler
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Finally! I'm done reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Haha! So I started it probably September or October of 2016 and by then I staggered. As you know, I'm a fan of both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I love their tandem, how funny and empowering women they are and their contribution to improv and writing is off-the-charts.

Thanks to Ross for giving the book to me. I was looking for it everywhere and very interested to know its price and surprisingly, he just bought it without me knowing. Sweet and thoughtful. Thank you so much. 

In every book that I read, I always carry with me a sticky note and a pen to write down quotes and/or phrases that smash me out of my spirit, things I can relate to, and lessons I can carry throughout this life. I did the same with Yes Please and while as I was reading, I couldn't stop laughing also. Thank you Amy for giving me happiness. Haha!

I know enough now to know I know nothing
 Haha! It's true. I feel the same. Before, I thought I know everything I needed to know and as I grow older and take on various jobs, certification programs and masters degree, I came to know that I know nothing and there's so much more to learn in this world. Goodness gracious!
One of the things I have learned about me while writing about me is that I am really onto myself.
Haha! I get you, Amy. Me too.
 I believe great people do things before they are ready.
Actually. I believe we're all great and I also believe that nobody is ever ready to do things, to jump on something and the like.
I think we should stop asking people in their twenties what they "want to do" and start asking what they don't want to do
High five! During my early 20's, I often ask what I'm doing and what I want to do next. I graduated from college, started working right away, jump into various jumps because of many weighed opportunities and after 3-so years I took up masters. My plate is full and I actually love that way, but if you ask me what I want to do, I wouldn't know the exact answer to that but I surely know what I DON'T want to do.
Decide what your currency is early. Let go of what you will never have.
So I guess I finally get Harvey Specter. He gets what he wants and he doesn't want what he can't have. ;)
The important part of apologizing is not making excuses. | Your brain is not your friend when you need to apologize.  
I always remind myself of this. That when it's my fault and I came to apologize, I should just apologize sincerely and forget all the excuses why I did it. Because... when you are wrong, you are wrong. No excuses.
Anger and embarrassment are often neighbors. Sometimes we get defensive about what we feel guilty about. 
Remember what they tease us about? Bakit ka nagagalit kung sabi mo hindi naman totoo? 
Maybe it all comes down to what you feel you are good at.
Often times, I question myself about that things I can do and cannot do and I know the truth about both especially about the latter. In taking new hardships and endeavors, I always follow what I feel I'm good at, in this way, I will feel actually good.
The moment people start looking at you less is when you start being able to see through people more. 
Remember when we were kids and all attention were at us because we're all cute, mushy and ALL THAT, we tend to be brats and attention-seeking-more like kids. Haha! And so, we couldn't appreciate other kids that our parents were telling us about. Like, she's excellent in school, he's great in playing basketball, she won spelling bee, he's top of his class, so on and so forth. Then we outgrew all these. Started growing old and growing up then commenced our independent lives by ourselves. When I jumped into living alone by myself that's when I started seeing through people more. I value them more and more and appreciate all of they are.
Now that I am older life seems full of things to worry about.
You bet. My friends often say that we miss college because there were less worry and all we need to think about is how we can get good grade without even have to study. Allowance was always just around the corner, you just have to wait for the weekend. No other responsibilities aside from passing all the subjects for the semester. Now that we are older and called adults, everything seems to be more complicated and we have everything to worry about - from the bills to work, to parenting, to being an ideal person our children should love, career-related blunders and many many more.
The less seriously I take these things, the better.
Relating to the aforementioned dilemmas of adult life is this saying. Haha! We shall not take everything so seriously. Put humor to everything and it will be lighter.
Don't think. Get out of your head and just go.
In my line of career, planning is very important. And everything is about planning. But in real life, I learned to STOP planning and just go do things I want to do. It takes a lot of practice though. I'm not rich and everything right now has a price but who cares, just do it.
I don't have symmetrical good looks and therefore I like to think that my personality is my currency.
I'm not all pretty but I make up for it by being a good person!!!!
Your career and your passion don't always match up.
Sad to say. Hahaha! But lucky those who feel like both conspired.
Your career won't take care of you.
I was workaholic and I still tend to be one. I always like working, going to work, taking care of things at work, accomplishing something for work, everything was about work. I even moved out because of work and missed a lot of family thing for work. Good work = good career. I was so smitten to that. I was single and  I don't have much of responsibility aside from my career. And I was that. But when my body was starting to give up, I therefore conclude that as much I'm taking great care of my career it can't send me to the nearest hospital. It can't take care of me. I've learned it the hard way.
Career is something that fools you into thinking you are in control and then takes pleasure in reminding that you aren't.
Remember when we were so upset about something we presented at work and it turned out disapproved by the management? What a good reminder.
You have to care about your work but not about the result. You have to care about how good you are and how good you feel, but not about how good people think you are. 
If you do start crying in an argument and someone asks you why, you can always say, "I'm just crying because of how wrong you are are."
Emotions are like passing storms, and you have to remind yourself that it won't rain forever. | The only thing we can depend on in life is that everything change.
When I was still at 4 to 7 weeks pregnant, I cry like Ross did me wrong. Hahaha! Oh the pregnancy hormones!! I felt so down and no one would be able to help me. I've missed everything about my old life and I wished I could go back to everything like how they were supposed to be. But it didn't last long though I thought it was going to be forever. During my 9th week, I'm back to my old safe and couldn't be any happier. I'm not saying that you blame it on the hormones (especially if you are not pregnant) but everything will come into clarity and it will be okay eventually.
The word "NO" should be the "end of discussion" and not the beginning of a "NEGOTIATION."
When it's a NO, it's a NO.
"Do work that you are proud of with your talented friends."
They are your friends for a reason.
Writing is the best. The writer has the real power. You can create something and the world will be forever indebted and dependent on you.
Writers will tell your story.
 If you can surf your life rather than plant your feet, you will be happier. 
Move. Get on with life. Don't get stuck, just continue to grow.
You have to be where you are to get where you need to go.
You have to know who you are before you know who you want to be.
Life is not fair or safe or even ours to own.
Let go of too much entitlement. It won't help you survive this so-called life.
When relationships end, it's hard at first to stay in a setting you used to share. 
Every relationship ending is hard even if you really don't love the person. You shared time, effort, money, and even your body with that person that even though you don't really love him/her, he/she is excruciating to your existence. Hahaha! But nothing is really ever easy. That's a fact.
Life is endings, and beginnings. 
Some ends but a brand new story starts. We should just always hope for the best and believe that the best is yet to come.


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