On Mamahood

New on this blog is the section...mamahood! Haha! Aside from being a #titaofmanila, I'm officially a mama. This first trimester has given me challenges because first, it's not easy to be pregnant though I didn't (and still praying that I don't) experience severe pregnancy symptoms and it usually lasted only a couple of minutes or hours. Second, I got through an upset stomach (LBM in a more common term), it was perhaps the most severe stomach ache I have experienced in nearly 3 decades of living. I wasn't dehydrated yet by then though I still have to take fluids and antibiotics (that the OB prescribed and said to be safe for pregnancy). Aside from that, I had a little little spotting when I was 4 weeks preggers and was given Duphaston that I'm taking for a month now.

I'm on my 8th week (8 weeks 2 days to be exact) and last week we heard and saw the baby's strong heartbeat at 143 BPM. Awww. What a great consolation to see it while I was suffering from an upset stomach and was seen to have some bacteria that needed to killed. Hahaha! Thank you, anak. I hope everything goes well. I'm kind of nervous on what's going on inside of me but I'm happy to report that I have a baby bump now. It started to show when I'm at my 8th week. It's pretty much obvious because I'm thin and I look like bundat in my clothes. Mukhang busog lang lagi friends! I guess I need to start investing to a few number of maternity clothes I can use during this pregnancy (and can alter into regular dresses after). 

My baby's heartbeat and his/her growing in me is one of the best birthday gifts I've ever had. I'm also happy that I can be greeted on Mother's Day too. Haha! Now, I have more food that I loathe that I actually used to like before I got pregnant but I'm not eating spaghetti (the culprit) for now, na ah. I'm more careful on what I eat and I should be more careful too as weeks and days go by. I love how I'm getting a lot of support from my friends and most specially my family. I didn't expect my dad to be more connected and he was constantly asking how I am doing and how the baby is doing. I guess he's excited to be a lolo. My lola has given me lots of tips too and it really pays to listen to elders. Traditional, yes, but it actually works and oh hey, looked at the kids they have raised to be our parents, aunties and uncles who also gave birth to our cute cousins. Hehe!

Now that I'm pregnant and soon to be taking care of a baby, I appreciate more my lola and I'd love to be together with her more than ever. All the parenting style shall be worth it and I want to raise a kid with kindness, intelligence and respect to everyone (the use of 'po' and 'opo', and I shall not spoiled him/her so he/she won't feel entitled into something, and that what matters most is the experiences and not any material things parents can give. I was raised that way, that well). 

Cheers to these exciting times! :)


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