6 weeks and 6 days

Hi anak!

You are 6 weeks and 6 days today! :) 48 in days, 2 in months.
I'm hoping to see/hear your heartbeat next ultrasound so I know you're okay there inside.

Sorry if mama is stressed lately, must be the hormones anak. How are you doing there? I hope you are ok and doing good. I hope you are growing well. I can't wait to see you, anak. I can't to share your stories with my friends. I'm so giddy to see you.

Mama Tita is also excited for you. I hope you can grow up with her like how mama did. I promise you'll learn a lot of things. Kuya Derenz, Ate Reeza and Kuya Charles are there too. You will be well-loved there. :) just give me a hint if you're not feeling ok ha so we can ask our OB what we can do.

Mama is still at work as of this writing. I'm feeling a little melancholic just by waiting for you. Mama needs a big hug, I wish you can be physically here to give me that much needed hug. I love you anak.

Just hang in there.




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