2017 on Facebook

January 2017 is almost over. How time flies, right? We've been waiting for Christmas to arrive then the New Year and eventually here we are taking it all in. Like we have a choice.

I don't have a resolution this year, or I said I have? I'm just planning to be more organized (I'm organized with my time and tasks by keeping a journal), I'm working on it - like clutter-free human. In terms of being organized, I guess it should start with my life in general and everything else will follow. 

I started last week... I started from the easiest ones - social media accounts. On Facebook, I unfriended all those people whom I don't know personally; just have 1 or 2 common friends, some have mutual friends with me yet I haven't met or talk to personally. I'm not against of having a huge network, I'm a marketer and I need it and it is my job but on the other hand, I want all the things I post or react to on social media be shared to people who are close to me, I know personally, or have been my acquaintances and/or colleagues for a long time. In this way, I can exercise being more private (not that I'm a public figure). I don't like so much chismis in my life and I don't like to create more of it. (Note: if any of you are reading this and we used to be friends on Facebook, I don't have anything against you. For collaborations, questions, and other concerns, we can exchange emails or tweets). 

I'd like to keep my circle small yet with utmost quality. This 2017, afar from the past years, will be a lot different. One more year will be added up to our age. An additional experiences and challenges are in the pipeline as well. Isn't it nice to live a life without worrying too much? We can all figure it out anyway. 

Personally, I'm very careful of what I share in social media especially if it contains opinions, rants, and my written articles. I'd like people in my list to see it of course but in one way or another, I'd like to get their own point of views for a more healthy and intelligent conversation (not just some curiosity-driven comments). I'm not fond of keeping too many on my list for likes. I'd love it if they reacted on my posts because they really liked it or felt something about it that somehow relates to them. 

I'm a very simple person and I'm not after anything grand. Minimalist, you can say. I always like to keep it simple, of quality, yet affordable. I'm always reasonable. This 2017, I'd like to keep it that way and/or improve even more. 


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