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Little Lulu

Our relationship isn't perfect and probably isn't the most convenient at all. We've gone through some rough patch. Some real rough patch. It was normal and abnormal all simultaneously but I guess it was the way to go. It had to happen to give way to all love, happiness, friendship and all better things. 
You are one of the coolest people I know, whose temperament is kind of odd but if known better can easily be get along with. I didn't know that until I have become a older. I grew up distant literally and figuratively and we both know that but I knew you did and still doing your part to make up for some lost years. I say, it's not yet too late to get to know you and you get to know me. There will always be a good timing, a right time for everything. 
I know you aren't that showy or that cheesy, that's just how you are and that's totally fine. But looking at the bigger picture we all know that you are loving, caring, soft and kindhearted in your own uniq…

Onto that Ray of Sunshine

I was born on a summer; on an earth day, and considered youngest of the two (2) Hostalero children. I am a daughter to a witty and intelligent mother and to an overall artist father; and a lucky/blessed (understatement) granddaughter to the wonderful grandparents, Luis and Teresita.

I'm a 90s kid who grew up before the internet took over and flash out, who experienced a normal and fun childhood of playing outside with classmates, cousins and neighborhood friends and who made one of the very important life choices of skipping naps in the afternoon. Nostalgic as it may seem, I can reminisce playing and owning it up to Family Computer, PlayStation 1 (until the latest console), Black and White Gameboy to Gameboy Color and a lot of Personal Computer games and Word Arts with a dial-up internet connection among other 90s things. I had a perfect childhood.

Of course, there have been some bumps. Growing up with unusual family setup, smashed heart, failures and rejections, I guess it honed …

School Spirit

The Sunday had a lot going... especially SM Mall of Asia. It seemed that everyone in Metro Manila was present there because of the multiple events happening all at once - The Best of Anime 2016, Manila International Book Fair and SALE SALE SALE SALE and a lot more SALE.

So, we thought UAAP game is at MOA Arena as well. Or Ross thought. Hahaha! The story was: early last week we have decided to visit Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) on weekend. Ross and his team had an exhibit during the fair that kept him busy the whole week so we are in support of such, we did visit. I had a good time seeing and smelling a lot of books. I've never been to heaven but it felt like one. Haha! So... as the weekend was approaching and it's UAAP season, Ross asked me if I want to watch a UAAP game on Sunday (FEU vs. UE). I said yes. I do. (Which he thought will be in MOA Arena too. I'm not updated about schedules and venues so I didn't check and I don't felt the need that I have to.…

Comes with a clean home

Wow. I'm back here! It feels like home huh?! I haven't been lazy though, just busy and sleepy at most times.

August has been great and it couldn't get any better. I guess, I've worked hard enough to deserve some happiness. Trading my soul worked out just fine. I kid. Hehe.

The past weeks have taught me to finally accept that I'm an adult and there's nothing else I can do or say that will turn the reality upside down. I can't deny it anymore, ok fine. It feels good though because there are a lot of things I've learned along the way; by which I learned the hard way if I may just say.

Since I'm not hesitant with this whole adulting anymore, it came with a good prize. Remember when I told universe that I have given up on love and I don't want to haggle anymore? Yeah right! The universe made me swallow that whole and I couldn't be any happier. I guess, you just have to keep a little faith on fate and definitely on yourself.

Nothing really special…