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Papa, I remember

I remember when I was young and looking up to you – and to all the things that you do. I get reminded when I’m in here, a little bit older, still looking up to you – and to all the things that you do. I’m so much skillful now than when I was eight but I still need you because you’re so much skillful now than when you were forty nine.
I feel lost from time to time and I came to the realization each time that it’s part of growing up because you told me so. Maybe it really is true – that it’s part of maturing; or maybe you told me that because you don’t want me to feel bad about feeling lost, and you’re trying to make it sound like it’s just normal and I should just dig it in and continue.
You were working in an office and you were pretty great on what you do as you provide me a great shelter, nice clothes, compelling education, and unconditional love. You were always there for me, you still are, even at times when even I, wasn’t there for you, and wasn’t even there for myself either.…

The Children's Rights And The Life After Typhoon Yolanda

November 6, 2013 was indeed memorable to the whole Philippines; the kind of memory that was far behind the good light and was way too painful to be remembered as Typhoon Yolanda (internationally named Typhoon Haiyan) a category 5 Super Typhoon hit the Philippines, particularly affected Tacloban City, Leyte. It devastated over 14 million people and 41% of it were children.

More than 1 million homes were destroyed during the typhoon; 50 to 90% of the overall reported damage were health facilities and approximately 90% of schools and building have been impaired. The country mourned for all the people who died, families who got broken, and children who have been left behind. Some families were not able to be found, some of their members found dead and other were still reportedly harmed during the devastation.

The Philippine Government, its agencies, non-government organizations and even international agencies and groups sent their help to the country. None of the event occurred during th…