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I came across a video of TEDxMidAtlantic that tells about Sam's philosophy for a happy life. It made me really interested. I know, some of you (like me), when it comes to "happiness" and finding it, are interested too.

As we had tried to look beyond all the edges, caves, boxes and other storage of where happiness is to be found. We, along the process, made an agreement with ourselves that we will try our very best to be happy and that we are choosing happiness by all means - for it is a choice and yes, it is a decision.
From the TEDxMidAtlantic conference, Sam or Sam Berns, a teenager who has progeria - a rare genetic disorder wherein its symptoms resembles aging at early age and usually occur during the first few months of the patient showcased his philosophy for a happy life.

A syndrome like Sam's is rare. Only 350 kids worldwide have this kind of illness, making us realize that it's definitely hard to have this kind of challenge especially in this world full o…

How our friendship healed my broken heart

I've had it way too many times. My heart into broken pieces. Times you wouldn't be able to oversee or think if it will pass you or if you can get over it. Damn it.

As we grow older, we choose quality over quantity. That's true especially when we are talking about friendship. As you get on with life, you choose people who truly understand you, the ones who will be there when everything is going against you, the ones who will take a bullet for you if need be, the ones who will not let you do stupid things...alone.

People come and go. First, it will be quite depressing to think about or you hope that they can stay longer in your life because you are happy being with them - well, you think so. If you are not used to people coming in and out of your life, this scenario will take its toll on you. You might overthink things but you must always remember that if they are bound to stay in your life forever (hoping that it exists), they will be there for you, in your life, no matter …

That Thing Called Tadhana (kind of conversation)

at kung ano ba talaga ang nangyari. Once and for all. Hahaha!

Disclaimer (and being too defensive. Nageexplain!): Since I quit all vices I had during college (we've all been there!), drinking is one of those. I stopped drinking because it felt like I'm too old to be drunk and I have engaged myself with sports. I don't want that (drinking) to be a hindrance why I can't run 10k, swim or whatever. 
And since all of us are going through something sometime in our lives, we all had our moments. So, I welcomed the drinking spree and yes, it couldn't get any better than this. Bwahaha!
We had a serious conversation of how things went and conversation of pure foolishness and somehow, it was perfect. 
One-on-one inuman:
Me: Sabi nga sa movie, pwede tayong umiyak gabi-gabi, uminom gabi-gabi... repeat until fade.
Friend: Oo nga. Pwede naman talaga yun. Pero bakit di mo ginawa? Bakit di ka naman umiyak gabi-gabi at uminom gabi-gabi? O uminom ka gabi-gabi pero di ako na-invite? H…