Fleeting Friday

My friends (and perhaps you too) might think what the hell I am doing here in front of the laptop, listening to some rock/alternative playlist writing these words on a Friday night when in fact, it is 'drink' night and they are just across me having the time of their lives.

I, as well, is having the time of my life. In a different manner, of course. I am inside our apartment luring with these words and emotions I have in me - pretty much happy and pretty much of everything in between... because we are humans, we have hormones and sometimes they are not cooperating.

I am not stuck, I have so much things to be thankful for in my life and things I wish I have right now, but they just come secondary. The long day is over and it feels like it, that is why I am convinced that I have survived this day, the week and every moment that sent me swirling earlier.

The spectrum is vivid and I cannot understand some of the things I am into, the choices that I have made in my life, choices I will soon make and the amount of pressure I am in. Nonetheless, they have made me and I am thankful that, okay, I am still alive, breathing (cannot say I am smoke-free) and I am getting 'there.'

I am grateful, I really am. I am happy, I really am. I am sad, I am weighing. To fully decipher the emotions sliding through me, I know in myself that I am near to the person I want to be and I know  the person I really am. I am glad that they are aligning and I am blessed to know that I am not crazy (just yet) to think that it can really be both. I am near the quarter-life, and I do not want any crisis. But who cares if I will experience it. Life is like that and I do not want a battle. Furthermore, I always want to believe that we need everything we are experiencing (and soon to experience). It can serve us lessons, guides and make us good learners. We might get hurt, but it is essential

We are growing. Sad to say that we are not those children who can scrape knees, cry about it and get over it in an instant. We are adults, whether we like it or not. Our decisions in life have their back-end and it is pretty much surprising how it will turn out in the long run.

I could tell everyone what I am feeling and what I am going through but I just chose not to. I am happy and I am waiting to be surprised by life with wonderful things. I am taking each day step by step, maybe I do not know what will happen next but I am sure that I want it.


  1. I'm glad to say that u weren't the only one who was @ home on that Friday nite. I was also home reading, studying, watching TV or browsing the net. - Ferdinand


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