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Upside Down

When you have found and lost something, have repeated that cycle for several times and finally stick to the 'found,' you definitely want to cut all modes and reasons why the universe should not need to proceed to turning it upside down again.

You will do all sort of things to blunder why you are deserving for that single 'thing' or 'person' you can be grateful for the rest of your life. And you might say the battle still continues or the battle is yet to begin again. But you know that it's not a battle, it's not a war, and you can't even identify it entirely, what it really is puzzles you. None of those words you know might be suitable for the gesture. 
You'd like to think that there's really something wrong with you, still. You will blame yourself again and again and you will lose your self-worth one more freakin' time. You don't want to, of course. You can't help but think, that one day you'll wake up and the universe consp…


Years ago, I met a guy. What we had, what we have and going to have, I know for sure, is and will be amazing no matter what the weather and rough the road is and will be.

That I fell in love with him is not a myth. My love for him is an elemental part of a certain space. And I was very surprised to discover that I have such capacity to love someone that way. He is the one I would like to give the last piece of everything I have, even the last fry. He better damn refuse when it comes to that last fry, though.

I write this because I want to let him know how much I value him and I'm hoping he won't be annoyed. I promise to be kind, always. That being kind means, in this context, is that I promise not to be annoying.

I can't find the words to tell him that he is worth far more than any thing bought somewhere. And he is worthy of my every second, minute and hour, even at the baddest state of the sphere. He is worthy of every milli ampere my universe battery has.

He is one stubb…