New year, new dreams, new challenges and as the cliche goes... new life. New hope for the whole country as well. This is sign that we have another year to conquer the thing we call life, third-world it may seem but nonetheless, positive, vibrant and hopeful.

Norms are changing, another transition is finally taking its place and perhaps a brand new way will be constructed. Everyone aims to be better if not the best, hoping that each thing will come in our favor and fortune will take its place next. This generation would be the courage of our tomorrows but I might have to take a step back and assess how it will go or if we are really sure about this.

When I was a kid, I fascinated about cash registers, toy doctor kits, chalks and blackboards and class records. The oldies would then asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up - enthusiastically I answered: to be a cashier (cash registers are cute, right?), a doctor or a teacher. Later on, I wanted to be a news reporter, a businesswoman and ridiculously enough, a superhero. It always make me smile whenever I remember those days and whenever I tell my friends and share it to anyone I know. We all laugh and say that's true and they remember the days they wanted to be one of my dreams as a kid too or a soldier, a lawyer, a pilot and yes, a power ranger.

Fast-forward to today, it saddens me that whenever I ask kids now, they would answer... "I want to be Daniel Padilla/Kathryn Bernardo", "I want to be like Ryzza Mae", "gusto ko po maging artista". Actors/actresses, models and the likes - I don't undermine them being what and who they are right now, it's really surprising though that their influence is off-the-charts and in a way it's commendable. Being an actor is an art and art is a serious thing - a passion, a talent to share, a piece to interpret. It is indeed, inspiring. My point is, what really saddens me is that most kids nowadays don't see it that way; they see it as a resort to be famous, to be on top and to have a show-off-billboard-like fame.

Being an artist is admirable. Not everyone is given a talent of that sort. I'm hoping that we could get the real message across and let's help the new generation to really understand this... guide them and support them. I really guess that we have a crunch about education - if we can only have it more exciting, interesting with boosting quality, not only the kids will be knowledgeable, perhaps adults like us as well.

We want to uplift the quality of education and life in this country as a whole. We need to learn more, experience more and work hard together as one to make all our lives easier - to move from the third-world to more advanced quality of living. We need to be more educated, equipped and focused and by this, I don't think being a famous, artista-like will resolve everything.

I'm not superbly against though, I'm just saying... isn't nice to hear from kids that they want to be a pilot, teacher, engineers or any profession of that sort that could help the whole nation and the whole of globe rather than to be just on TV with fame through commercials (which I state not for a long period of time/not permanent) and with screaming fans but really don't make much of a sense at all about what our country is experiencing now?

Entertainment is entertainment, we all need it, we are one happy country/race, but you know what they say about having it too much. So kids, are you sure?


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