Two people. Too many stones.

It might sound funny but it is (really) not funny at all. Two throwing words at each other, selected people doing the same thing as if we're watching a movie or a telenovela of sort.

The alleged Pork Barrel scam twists this country around; billion of pesos for the Filipinos went to whom we are not sure of, just yet. Senate minority leader Juan Ponce Enrile could be one of those; that this issue is so loud and the people can't barely hear truth nor get the slightest real idea from that end. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago aimed to put a period to this tragic sentence and by that, she desired to avail the truth from a party that they all cannot count how good the music could be. They can dance with it but they will definitely not be pleased.

It was entertaining if the basis is the movie board. It was amusing. Such a boisterous phase we all watching and hearing. It was then these two senators were exchanging words through their privilege speeches. Privilege. Such a big word - a right, an opportunity. Two senators defying the extent and as well of what was deeply there, personally. The public might sound interested but with deeper thinking, entertainment from the Senate is not what the public need as of the moment. They could get such entertainment from the normal movies, TV series or shows - but not from the Senate, not from the public servants and definitely not from the intelligent lawmakers.

The real issue is already out of focus. Who's who, who did what, when and even how are not replying. Tragedy came, the country is re-building and people cannot lose hope still - but what's pestering is the fact that this government never really learned. Seeing the nation's two trusted officials exchanging atrocious words, showing such disrespect is not helping what this nation is trying to build or re-build for that matter.

Billion of pesos were gone. The whole nation want it back but no one would ever dare to expect or hope that it is going to happen, that this could be still possible. By means and by cause that in this country with a government the people endured - once a certain thing was taken, it will never be returned. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that Filipinos don't dwell too much on a disaster and they always choose to move on more than cling to a situation. The nation got used to it and though they all know that it should not be the case.

There should have been respect then - and this respect should not be imposed nor asked, it should be earned for it to be considered valid.

It saddens more than it entertains. It gives the notion and the feeling that these are words that will be thrown at each other and wouldn't really solve anything - that it should be spoken and we should waste such time throwing all of these words, then what now?

This country believes that it can still come up with something to earn a special place as a part of the globe but with such disrespect, how?


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