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It was then my dark days that I couldn't think of anything but the hard game of life that I was into. I came from a tough round, almost every year, but I know it won't last and I won't cling to it like what I always do. What day I was referring to? I couldn't fully remember though it's ok for me to think about what had happened - but I just couldn't remember when and even how.

I thank the Heavens for whatever it was. Happy times, rough times and even dull ones - that I couldn't barely get on the road and staying in one place where I wasn't even sure if that place would love me after all was the answer to whatever I was feeling way back then; even if I had opt to extend my stay and like the feeling that I was feeling. No, it didn't like me back because the place wanted to me to move to another place and get on the road which was the real plan of this life for me.

People came then left, other have stayed and I thank them for that. Weird that I was and will always be, I'm glad that people loved me for who I really am not for what they think I am. I don't feel special and I can't feel special at all. Life's got its own reason why it does what it does, or perhaps there was nothing then but what happens, happens. When you stopped questioning how it's gonna be, you'll start leaving away from your high expectations and be really happy, for life's purpose isn't to please you and please the whole process.

This is the time when I get to talk to someone that I could finally know the answers to questions and doesn't require to be of person of intelligence that can replace Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway or Shakespeare to that extent. I also realized that I can now question myself and answer truthfully; without thinking if the answer will come out smart or intelligent. Instead, answer that will come out as MY answer. Answer that would define what I was really thinking, what I was really feeling.

Some people live in pretense because they're expecting to be the best on their chosen field, their chosen path. Too bad that they haven't realized yet the wonders that this life have to offer and those are the ones that will truly make them happy. Knowing your true self is way better than knowing what you want to mimic or imitate. Why are we scared? Would life bully us because we are being our 'true' self? Or we would bully ourselves because we can't be the 'one' that the society want us to be?

Take time to think and be confident. If you are weird, then you are... and that's the beauty of things. Being TRUE.


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