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In the middle of the night, the tree is swaying, clocks are ticking and the clouds are frantic with worry. A tree that is moving back and forth through a great feeling of the  air in the middle of a misty night, was the same tree that is moving back and forth through the same great feeling a long time ago. 
It was once gloomy, once bright, once hasty and always stiff. The tree is happy while clocks are ticking though the clouds are frantic with worry. The tree will eventually change its way; might be happier with itself without the greatness of air. But how can it live thee without the presence of air in its atmosphere? How can it sway thee? How can it dance thee?
One tree in the middle of the night - wanting to be noticed, wanting to be wanted, was on the verge of converting itself to a different thing. It is impossible for sure by cause that a tree will always be a tree. It can't be moved to a place or another. It will always be just there, just a tree. 
The happy tree wants to…


Every concern citizen in this country is already pissed-off and wishing that this fragmented reality does not exist. By Monday, we will be facing another irrational belief that everything is going to change by cause of a new Barangay Officers will be proclaimed as winners and would start something new in the start of everything, the run-down of places in the big city.

Coherent, it will never be. This Republic, we consider it sold. It was sold to the plunderers, scammers and corrupt politicians who promised us the sun, moon and stars for a vote, that according to them will change our lives. They were right. The vote changed our lives. Life that has become awful and frustrating.

I'm sitting here, writing these words, thinking about life, my bank account, work and how it will be for the next days. As it goes by in my half-filled brain, I'm starting to feel a little bit sluggish. We are not deserving of this fiasco. In this world where everything will be left undone and unsaid, it…

Tita Lea

October 7, 2012, we've lost you. You were considered as the most intelligent child in the family. You were five then, three girls and two boys. Now, your parents got only four.

It saddened us. We all know that our way would be there, death. But nobody ever wanted for it to happen so soon. Pretty sure that we wanted you to rest and be free. Free from this world of uncertainties, sickness and from the battle of life that was once wonderful. You fought, we know. You were strong and you didn't let stroke consume you, even for the nth time. But then again, you're only human; you got limitation and you need to have a way with comfort.

I was crying. I didn't know where to place the sadness and the sudden turn of pages. We weren't expecting it because we all know was you can still survive. You didn't give up, I know. The world gave up on you, perhaps. We're living in discomfort, in a place where a lot of things aren't sure. In a way, you wanted another chance t…

"Politics is a dirty business," they say.

One definition of Politics from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: the work and job of people (such as elected officials) who are part of a government.

A work and a job. A position that depicts honest actions.

Sad to say, honesty and the true responsibilities of government officials became invisible. From graft and corruption, plunder, scam to the 'worse' ones that the country, nevertheless, couldn't get one more grip of.

In real politics' general philosophy, "If we ignore it, it doesn't exist." is the usual habit and behavior that this Republic is experiencing. This is the reason behind unfulfilled projects and unfinished or pending cases. Maybe I'm wrong or in a way I'm making a point, but the true reason is that they (politicians) ignore cases and issues because their names are on the line - the more they put good fragrance there and cling to have a good image, the more blockbuster and award-winning their lives and careers would be. Reality.



"Can I forget you? Your memory has always kept me company; it has saved me from dangers along the way; it has been my comfort in the solitude of my soul in foreign countries; your memories has negated the effect of the European lotus for forgetfulness, which effaces from remembrance of many of our countrymen the hopes and the sorrows of the Motherland." - Crisostomo Ibarra to Maria Clara, Noli Me Tangere