Wonder Women Day

Today is not the only day we should thank them - it has to be everyday we should be thankful for having amazing girls in our lives like our moms, grandmas, aunties, professors, friends who treat us like their babies, their moms and even dads who are doing the two castings in the film of life. And yes, indeed, we all got our own Wonder Woman.

Mothers/Grandmas/Guardians are the ones who will remind us how gorgeous we are even all the people around us aren't clinging to idea that we are gorgeous. They always got our backs and make us feel that we are not alone even we feel like we are. They know everything even though we won't let them know - they feel it, they will understand, they will scold us for doing such stupid stuff but definitely kiss and hug us in the end and utter words like, "It's okay, Mom is here." No matter how old we are, we will always come running to them like kids and call out "Mama!" They're the ones who will tell us "Hay nako" shaking their heads, but still love and care for us, straighten us up and make fun of our stubbornness and stupidity from time to time. Oh you Wonder Woman you. 

I've lost my Tita last year. It was so painful. Well, it's still feel so heavy until now. How we wish she's still alive to celebrate special events with us, see us grow and reach our dreams. She was indeed a Wonder Woman for us and part of the coalition who were into raising us well. We want to spend more time with her, still.

So, let's appreciate what we have right now and thank our moms for the good life! If not for them, we wouldn't be here. If not for my grandma and mom, I wouldn't be here typing these words. I wouldn't be the person I am right now. They're part of the team who made me who I am today and now that I'm growing old and growing up (Oo nga, growing up. Yes, yes.) I'm part of the team who will take care of them and be with them til the sun won't shine and we all transfer to Mars.

So, here's for you my Mommas!

Happy Mother's day to you, Mom! I promise to do good and take MBA for you and for me and the entire human race! Though I don't usually say it but you know I love you no matter how stubborn you are. Haynako! Hahaha! I love you, mom! Happy mother's day! 
I know if I'm not going to say how much I love you now, time will fly away. Let's say how much we love and care for each other as early as now for life is too short and diamonds aren't really forever. It's your day mom! Thanks for the genes and have a great day ahead! :)

And of course!! To my one and only Wonder Grandma!!

To my Mama! Thank you for always being by my side since the very beginning. You taught me how to write, read and you taught me how to be a good person (kung talagang good ako ha. Hehehe) Thanks to you and Papa for doing everything to educate me, love and care for me. Everything you've done was so priceless and no one could ever take it away from me. Thanks for being so patient, Ma! You never left especially those moments when I needed you the most. You and Papa Luis are one of those blessings I wouldn't trade for anything and I'm always be thankful for. No words can express how much I'm blessed for having you. I love you so much, Ma! Thanks for waking up every night just to cook dinner for me whenever I go home late. Thanks for reminding me that you're always there and I will never be alone. Thanks for everything. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MA! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :)


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