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Indeed, a happy birthday 2013

According to all the documents I have, it's my birthday tomorrow! And yes, indeed, it's my birthday tomorrow. A year older, a year wiser and a year of new things. I'm so excited to indulge. I have given up every childish things in me especially those that don't help at all and tend to hurt my own self, people around me and of course, people/someone who are/is important to me and play a great role in my life.

I have come to the realize that I'm not getting younger and moving to the next chapter is a must and the best way to do. I'm so blessed that there are people who, through these years, keep it all up and remain my good friends and showed and still showing their love and concern for me, and by that, I'm really thankful. I'm so blessed to have a not so perfect but awesome family, that every time I need them, even if I don't say anything, they're just there and willing to give all of them just to make me happy, just to make me feel comfortable a…


April! It's a busy busy month! My birthday is fast approaching and I'm kinda excited to celebrate it on a different note. We're part of the workforce now and we all can see how we've lost our humor. Hahaha! 'Cause of too much work involving. Anyway, still the same circle that allows you to think jokes deeply to overrule a joke from someone. It still the same and I must say, it's awesome.

A lot of things coming, a lot of things going and a lot of waiting involved. There are things you want to do, you need to do, you're wishing you can do, you're wishing could come after, blah blah blah, but one thing you will surely learn is the balance to keep everything in good faith. 
Hmmm. I'm thinking, maybe I should blog about my gelato experience and the best fries I've tasted for the past week! Nyehehe!