Just whip yo' hair, March!

It's the last day of March and I finally got the chance to sit down, feel the breeze, and explore the beautiful world out there. Yes, it's summer time! I was speechless all the while, thought I won't be able to recuperate but I was wrong. It's a beautiful world and all we need is to be taken over by it, go with its flow and be thankful for the moments we feel so alive.

There are times in our lives we would feel like we're dying and we can't breathe but what's wonderful is that we can realize a lot of stuff along the way. The time wasted, how to keep going and how to find the true purpose and meaning of our stay. As per my alter ego, I don't have anything to worry about by cause of I didn't hurt anybody and truly, there's nothing I could be guilty for.
Holy week isn't just about vacations and having fun, we must reflect and thank the Lord above for giving us a savior who defend us throughout.

I couldn't explain how happy I am. I could finally say that dark days are over and I already have gone to the realization that the happiness I'm feeling right now is the kind of happiness you need not to worry a thing anymore at the end of the day; it's the kind of happiness you will surely have for tomorrow, the next day and the day after and so on. A kind of happiness you want to tell everyone about, that kind of thing you can be proud of and will boast to everybody you're happy and getting by with life.

I have a lot of downfalls brought to me by someone. It hurt for a while, I should say, and maybe when I try to look back it will hurt some more (or maybe I will just laugh about it because I got replaced by a... Hahaha! Okay. I'll be ssshhh.) Anyway, it's not important anymore. As a matter of fact, I'm on that phase of remembering everything and I was like... "hell yeah? I did that?! Fine." and "I'm really a fighter in a way, huh." Hahaha! It makes me laugh now rather than cry and I could say that there'll be no chance and I don't want to be on that wasted stage again. Before you know it, you've had enough. The thing that's important as of this moment... I'm freakin' happy! I couldn't get it, I feel really really happy and I want this feeling to take over. This is the happiness I've been craving for so long, the kind of happiness without worry, the kind of that sweeps you off of your feet.

I'm so thankful because I'm blessed. I have a supportive family, loving friends, officemates, random people out there who smile at me each and everyday.

Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! When you feel down and feel like giving up... Just whip yo' hair! Woohoo!


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