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Just whip yo' hair, March!

It's the last day of March and I finally got the chance to sit down, feel the breeze, and explore the beautiful world out there. Yes, it's summer time! I was speechless all the while, thought I won't be able to recuperate but I was wrong. It's a beautiful world and all we need is to be taken over by it, go with its flow and be thankful for the moments we feel so alive.

There are times in our lives we would feel like we're dying and we can't breathe but what's wonderful is that we can realize a lot of stuff along the way. The time wasted, how to keep going and how to find the true purpose and meaning of our stay. As per my alter ego, I don't have anything to worry about by cause of I didn't hurt anybody and truly, there's nothing I could be guilty for.
Holy week isn't just about vacations and having fun, we must reflect and thank the Lord above for giving us a savior who defend us throughout.

I couldn't explain how happy I am. I could fin…


Finally got the chance to sit down and write again. Weeks went well, though kinda busy but I think it's good. There are just so many blessings to be thankful about and I must say that I'm really blessed. New awesome work, new good people around me, new everything and I feel so happy about that.

*Insert astig song here* Yeaaah! Happy weekend, weekenderz! :)

The Now

Yesterday marked my last day in the Advertising company that embraced me for almost a year. Though I didn't get the chance to spend much time with everyone on my last day, I had a special moment to thank them for everything they've done. There will still be next time for all of us, guys! I can't wait to tell you new stories.

New things ahead of me with a new company, and I'm excited to start walking to the new path of my career.  It could help me be successful and achieve all the things I want to accomplish. I'm looking forward for the new things about work and life itself. I love how maturity clings to me right now.  My plans about putting things in order, to enjoy my work/job, save money to put up a business and for my future husband, kids and all. I'm so excited to have those things in hand and I know that it could be achieved if I work hard for it. Others will think I'm too young for this kind of thinking, but for me, I think I'm not. Age is just a …