Maturity 2013

2013 is the year of (extra) maturity for me, which means, I'm not the same kid anymore who sits on the school bench and wonder about life, because right now: 1) I'm not a kid anymore, 2) I'm living the life already and 3) every breath I take, I take it as a mature one (Thank you for the applause!) After days of contemplation, it finally came to me what my grandparents and parents were actually saying.. that... "You go ahead, do your own thing, get married, make a family and have a wonderful life blah blah blah blah." And to tell you honestly, it never did sink in to me before because for some reason the universe won't let me take it... but now it feels okay, it feels GREAT already. I'm not that old, though; quite young for others, very young for a few, too old for toddlers' stuff toys but just enough to *mature stuff*, but hey, I'm an adult and matured. My way of thinking is kind of cool (Sige na please, I'm claiming, others said I'm free spirited.. so kind of cool na? Hehe) I'm making plans and I want to make it happen. I'm making it happen.

Well, before, financially wise, I'm saving (more) money because I want to buy things I want - new gadgets, dresses and some small stuff, right now it's not the thing anymore. I'm saving (more) money because I want to buy a house that I can call home (hahaha! That's wit, people), a car to drive, a TV and those adult stuff that an adult should have plus I want to put up a business (I got a business plan, marketing plan, business research etc., if you want to be partners with me, please contact me hihihi). I'm happy about my way of thinking. Hahaha! My grandparents are happy too, because they can see and they can feel that I really have plans for my life... (heehee) and as they always say.. "You know, our stay here on earth wouldn't be that long anymore because we're old blah blah.." and I always wanted to cry because I can't stand the thought that I'm going to lose them, then they go for more... "We're happy about what you're doing right with your life now, with your plans and all. We still want to see you get married, have kids, ride with you in your new car, help you to build your house blah blah blah.." Let's stop on that because those words are really tearjerker. Yes, they're happy for me but I wish I have a new work first. Hahaha! But seriously, yeah, I'm looking forward to everything - work/career, love, friendship, family, and many other stuff to call my own . Money isn't about everything but it is essential and I'd like to believe the phrase/the fact that "Money can't really change people, it just help them become who they really are." So we must keep our feet on the ground whenever good opportunities for success are knocking on our doors.

At my age, you can tell me to go to the bar, party hard, be drunk and stuff. I actually did. I've tried almost everything of that and I eventually laid it all off, that was a phase in my life and it was over. I did enjoy.
I know what you're thinking... that I'm too young to call all of those stuff off (?) I tell you, nope. Now, I can still enjoy moments without me going to the bar and firing my energy out, I don't drink anymore because my system can't take it, hehe! But I get to drink/sip alcohol from time to time. Again, that phase in my life is finally over. I'm embracing the extra maturity, hug hug! Haha! I'm still in for some craziness, trippings and adventure. I think these are the things we should not lay off, for us to learn and get to tell stories to our future kids. We should have fun while learning about life, that's the greatest thing we can experience and share.


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