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Maturity 2013

2013 is the year of (extra) maturity for me, which means, I'm not the same kid anymore who sits on the school bench and wonder about life, because right now: 1) I'm not a kid anymore, 2) I'm living the life already and 3) every breath I take, I take it as a mature one (Thank you for the applause!) After days of contemplation, it finally came to me what my grandparents and parents were actually saying.. that... "You go ahead, do your own thing, get married, make a family and have a wonderful life blah blah blah blah." And to tell you honestly, it never did sink in to me before because for some reason the universe won't let me take it... but now it feels okay, it feels GREAT already. I'm not that old, though; quite young for others, very young for a few, too old for toddlers' stuff toys but just enough to *mature stuff*, but hey, I'm an adult and matured. My way of thinking is kind of cool (Sige na please, I'm claiming, others said I'm free …

The first Friday of the year

This is the first Friday of the year 2013 and it's raining... You know what everyone feels when it comes to waking up early while it's raining... to go back to bed at the very least and screw all workload or activities for the whole day. Anyway, while I'm sipping a hot coffee while typing these words, I already got a text from my boss. Nothing much, not very alarming, it's just a response on my message... nothing negative just yet.