Merry Christmas, everyone!

Last Christmas was very fruitful for my whole family (well, this coming Christmas too), but since that I'm kinda living the independent life now, it made me realize that it's nice yet hard to be an adult. I had the last chance to ditch that borderline life and it was successful because the world hasn't ended yet. Well, I guess, that's what happen when you have faith; no matter how impossible or hard a thing will be, you won't find it so negative 'cause you always have a good say about stuff... simply because you have faith and with that, you're looking at the bright side of life. Oh, the spirit of Christmas.

My dad's coming home from Singapore and I wonder how things have changed in a span of a year. The last time I saw him was Christmas last year. He didn't make it to any of my college ceremonies especially my graduation. It was kinda sad but it was okay. We talk about work and other adult stuff like expenses, gadgets, car, lovelife... which I refuse to listen because it's awkward and I can't remember a thing that I told him a story about my lovelife - not even a single thing because..'s AWKWARD. Haha! Well, my brother and I aren't open about it. If we have problems, we solve it on our own especially me, 'cause I'm seriously kinda independent and free-spirited which sometimes a bad thing. Hehe!

I'm happy this Christmas because I am surrounded with great people. College friends who are still the same after college, and right now we're contemplating if we have lost our humor or not. Office friends who are with me every single day, not to mention six days a week... who are willing to rant with me about our bosses and other lame office stuff (which I know is normal), a boyf who shows love, care and everything and can make each day nakakakilig and worthwhile... and of course my family that stays with me through ups and downs, lend me money if I have none (Hahahaha!), tolerate and arrange all my books in the shelves and allows me to be independent to help me realize the real value of life outside our family circle.

So here's for Christmas!
Merry Christmas, everyone!

Shake Up Christmas by Natasha Bedingfield


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