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Laserlight - Jessie J ft. David Guetta

Laserlight - Jessie J ft. David Guetta

'Cause this song is so clingy and Jessie J is so stunning! Awesome!
One of those feel-good-songs of mine, I must say. 
You make me feel good  You make me feel safe You make me feel I could live another day You make me feel good You make me feel safe You know I wouldn't have it any other way
Argh! I wanna dance! Hahaha! 

Oh camera.

Thinking of buying a new cam and start taking snap shots of whatever the universe has to offer. I really miss having a camera, it's been two years since I lost mine, but still too painful. Haha!

It's like a broken heart, that ya know... the pain doesn't really go away, you'll just get used to it. Sound absurd, maybe, but it's true.

Camera phone can't fully suffice but the 'thought' is still there, perhaps I could make use of my creativity or the much-better-version-of-creativity of some photo editing apps, well... if I'm not too lazy to function or too excited to post/upload pictures to let the cyberspace see/know.

Happy long weekend.

Miss World Philippines 2012 - Talent

I saw this video online. Showcasing Miss World 2012 Talent portion (yeah, I must say) and could definitely tell you that Ms. Philippines nailed it. She didn't win the special award though, but he showed the audience a very unusual talent especially in a pageant like this.

All I can say is wow! I'm getting jitters and goosebumps while watching this clip; I'm really amazed, it makes me even more proud to be a Filipina. And I tell you, she got real swag ya'll!
Miss World 2012 Ms. Philippines Queneerich Rehman

D Rose will rise. Join him - Adidas

This is a nice goodie from Adidas!

D Rose will rise. Join him.

This 6-foot-3 will going to step back in again. #thereturn Kudos Adidas!

On the loop

Saw this Looper movie trailer and it intrigued me. I can't wait to see this film.

Too excited because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I really adore him eversince, especially when he played as Tom Hansen in 500 Days of Summer, John Blake (Robin) on the recent Batman which is the Dark Knight Rises and as I remember he was part of the movie Inception too. Addition to excitement is the great Bruce Willis... so as early as now, I know that the film is going to be spectacular.

Looper (2012)
Starring: Bruce Willis Joseph Gordon-Levitt Emily Blunt
Written and Directed by: Rian Johnson

I don't know

I don't know.

I don't know what I should do, or if ever I know... would it be okay? right? or what? I need some time to think about this. I don't know if it's right or wrong, if it's good or bad, but I know that I've been wanting to be alone.
I felt like I'm losing my old self, and this isn't me anymore. I felt like I've gone too far and this isn't what I want anymore.

For all the things that I've been through, it made me love myself even more. I've learned that at the end of the day it is myself who's going to be there and no one else would be perfectly fine to tell me and to make me feel that everything is okay, or the other way around.

I don't need someone to ruin things for me, 'cause I can ruin it all by myself. I don't know.

What I'm sure now is that I need to find myself. I need to clear up my mind... and I don't want anyone to interfere... well, maybe having their sensible words could help me along the way…

Here comes the sun, Philippines

Everything's normal again, Philippines.

Back to work, back on track and all. I know the past two days are hard to digest and we had enough about the weather, but now, knowing that there's hope and the sun showed up earlier, Filipinos are ready to fight and live the life again.

For those who are still in trouble, our prayers are with you guys. And for those who are stable, let's help our kababayans even in our own little ways and let's show them love, care and support that they truly need.

God bless Philippines, have faith.

Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
Here comes the sun, Philippines. Mabuhay!

Ya ready for more?

Thursday afternoon here in the office. I'm contemplating, and guess what... it's the 2nd day of August 2012, that reminded me that I'm already on my third month of being part of the workforce; third month of paying taxes and other stuff that you need to actually feel legit about these requirements that the corporate world is willing to offer.

And it all boils down to one thing... I miss school. I definitely miss school. Moments where you could act as if you don't have any worries about tomorrow, except if there's an exam, recitation or whatever paper works that you need to submit to get your degree and to test if you have the ability to think uniquely from the others. On the other note, when you're already working your ass off, you get to know the value of money and you get to learn that every centavo counts, that being a 'bulakbol' will make you suffer and that idea isn't cool after all.

Gone are the days when you can actually roam around the camp…