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Hey hey, Saturday!

While I still can't remember every single thing that happened the other night, I spent my Saturday with my friend, Rara. The last time we met? Graduation day, and we didn't bond much because we're kinda seated far away from each other. Alphabetically arranged it was then.

She started working right after graduation and I'm bracing myself for work because this coming May 2nd, my real life will begin... and it's not even a trial at all, just like what I was doing weeks ago (that's the reason why I was really busy.) Gahd, we can't define how the 'real world' is ruining our social lives. Hahaha! We bound to plan every travel thing we want to pursue, that gives us jitters in a wonderful way; we're really too excited to travel and explore each places we want to be into. Nice!

Just like the old times!!
Here's to the goodness of the 'real world'! :)

We grabbed some froyo - we're really froyo bums. Best stories could be told with the prese…

So, what happened?

I hate waking up THIS early.

The thing is, I can't even remember every single thing that happened last night. Perhaps, I was half asleep all the way or the other way around, which I think the universe already dug it.

My phone's sent items and BBM chats could prove that I've done something not really considerable work of a normal thinking individual. Sorry friends for the random BBMs or texts. Haha! Let's make fun of it instead, can we? :)

And I know I BBM-ed someone, a great someone with a crazy message saying I'm actually.. Secret. It's a word consisting of 5 letters and seems to be the hardest word. Booo! Not the one you're thinking, you perv! Haha!

I'm thinking now that I'm on the right track again, I guess.
Whew! Take me back to last night. T.T

Dramatic ice cream consumption example

I know you all know this but I want to stress this out. Again. Ang init!

The presence of ice cream and a cold water can decrease the heat that I'm feeling right now. I hope you guys can feel the same way too.


Ice cream can cure any sickness/illness I have; from coughs and colds to a broken heart. I'll be fine if someone will give me ice cream, especially at times when I'm feeling so down and out. I'm like a kiddo that you can bribe to stop all the crying and all the drama. I'm not sure or I really don't know, but ice cream has the power to make everything work for me.

I remember the time I got my heart broken (naks!pa-heart broken heart broken pa eh! Haha! Sorry guys but this could be the best example.) My then boyfriend and I split up because of lame issues that can't be resolved. It then hurt my ego, his ego and our egos to continue the relationship because the reciprocating thing was no longer present that perhaps decay would be the next for both o…

Happy Birthday, Rockin' 20!

Two decades living in this world, learned a lot of things already and still willing to learn more, fell down, stood up, fought and still fighting. It's a happy birthday!

I don't usually get goosebumps or awesomazing excitement during my birthday, but when I do the feeling won't leave me, and I do swear that my birthday today is really awesome. Though there are a lot of things that came up that made me think deeply and engaged into quick decisions (serious decision making, not the ones that I'm taking on to harder thinking while in the shower - 'cause I'm making life decisions inside the shower), I can say that it's still a lotta fun. I went to Puerto Galera yesterday to celebrate summer fun with my friends, since we graduated and my birthday is hitting on, but I got back in Manila a day after (which is today) 'cause I had too.. Yah know, family ;)

I'm really really happy to celebrate my birthday with the presence of the fast internet connection, in …

Home Bound

This is what I like about my home. Trees, fresh air, and birds; good thing my grandparents maintained the goodness of our garden and until now it can still mesmerize us. Whatta lovely scene of my everyday life.
Oh well, bragging that I'm planning to move out, by reasons that I have to be alone again for quite some time, to grow and to be near to each places that I needed to be into. Such a maturity I have in here. Haha! Only if I will have so much funds to make myself live, you know what I mean.

7 days to go

We only have a week to go before graduation. Sad. I know some of you are already done with the graduation rights/graduation proper and I must say congratulations, and I welcome you to the reality of life, the real world, and the fun that I'm sure will occur sooner or later. As I was grasping for some 'sink-in' air aura about graduation, I was able to realize good and bad things about my life during college: that life is what you make it, honesty is the best policy and that honesty can also lead you to some tragic acts of life that can cause severe headache, heartbreak and shattered dreams. If you know what I mean.
I have experienced that before, organization and academically speaking... and until now I'm not yet ready to burst it out, by cause and by chance that I want to forget all about that and it's enough that I've learned my lessons. It was one of the greatest downfalls of my student life. I thanked everyone for the second chance. 
And no, I didn't get…

Sprained ankle

Guess who just got her ankle sprained. What up!

I was jogging earlier today, a little workout to be somewhat fit and healthy and to kill time, of course. After jog, I played basketball, which I know you're going to say 'ows?'  inside you... but yeah, I do play basketball, though I'm not really good as you think I am.

Thanks to my friends who tweeted, texted and BBM-ed me for suggestions about curing this sprained ankle. I hope I could get back to my real track tomorrow morning, if not, it'll be a reason for me to sleep the whole day and watch awesome videos on YouTube.

Hope you guys are doing well. Take good care of your ankles!

Oh yum!

Go grab some delicious Pan de Manila's Leche Flan Tart! ;)

The Paperclip

Got into something really cheesy and cool last night, so I've decided to do something not really horrible for now! Haha! So to keep you up to something not really great but can settle to pwede na (Sorry, I don't usually settle to pwede na but now, pwede na yan hehe), here's what I have right now!

As you can see, it's a paperclip! Mwehehe. That paper clip is a substitute for a guitar pick today, really weird, huh? I was bound to make cover songs because I feel like it and I think it'll be awesome but no guitar pick was present so I looked for a substitute. The original plan was to use my Timezone card as a pick, but I need to cut it and I just couldn't do that; my Timezone card is my companion and I don't want to devastate it on all other stuff that I need to do. Blah!
I have lots of paperclips here at home, I don't know how to dispose it because I don't have any paper works to do lately, (yeah, school days are over) so might as well make use of it t…