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The finale of March 2012

Last day of March and I'm still kickin' esss in the boredom scene of my life. Last night was crazy though I wasn't drunk - I just stayed in my aunt's home, then got back to my own home in the middle of the night thinking more what ifs, like "What if I have gone to something really cool for tonight? Hmmm. Hanson concert instead of thinking about these what ifs and posting lame statuses in BBM."

I woke up early yesterday and told life that I need something new, because if not I'd definitely utter again that I'm bored, and I do hate saying that. Word. This has been a crazy month for me, a boundary between the comfort zone and the real world, and apparently I don't want this month to end -even though April is my birthday month and it excites me for whatever outing I will have with my friends. I'm getting old, and definitely stronger than the last time I blogged about a guy who left me with nothing even a stupid 'goodbye'. Well, I saw him a…

Hangar Gayms

I was about to post something about the movie The Hunger Games because we watched it yesterday but I don't want to spoil everything for you guys. It was indeed a good film! Better read the book for more exciting scenes.

So now, I'd let the cyberspace know that I'm thinking of moving out and living alone by cause of the feeling that I am too far away from everyone else and I need some pollution to get by everyday. The need to live alone is calling me, perhaps I could find the missing piece of my crazy self to make everything crazier day by day, and I know this will help me to grow as a person and deteriorate when it comes to financial. Haha! Naaaah, I just want my own place to gather my friends and conduct a house party, we will drink to death and we will laugh like there's no tomorrow, we will bully each other and remind ourselves how lame we are when it comes to love, how loser we can get and how we can earn money without working our awesome buuuuuuttts off.

Yeah. Hap…

The Unwinding Cable Car | Anberlin

The Unwinding Cable Car | Anberlin
Anberlin playlist still on going. I'm too tired to describe what I truly feel now because I'm tired. I'm hoping for a positive vibes next week, by the reason that I don't really feel good about getting that so-called positive vibes over the weekend and I know my weekend won't survive. 
Perhaps this is a pre-corporate-world-life-crisis. Woooooord. 
Thanks YouTube for keeping me company tonight.

Dragging me to the club 1.0

Alcohol wasn't my friend, so boo this or boo this - whenever we go to a superclub or a bar... I don't usually drink, even if there's peer pressure involved. (And yes, I could hear a lot of people booing me right now, but hey, at least I don't pretend that I'm drunk. Mark that. Word. Haha)

So, I was chatting with my good good friend and she (@miss_zera) was telling me about this good bar where our group can hang out. and...

@miss_zera:Gusto mo matry yung candy shop Shainne? 2k per 5 person na. Pwede tayo tambay dun... *the highlight* Pwede din hindi uminom hahaha upo lang hahaha

Me:Basta pag hindi iinom, ako e noh? Hahaha

I'll change for the goodness of alcohol, I swear! Haha!
I've been drunk before and I don't have good memories about being drunk (that's why I somehow stopped drinking. Word.) and perhaps... I didn't have memories at all because I couldn't remember every single thing that had happened. Muhahaha.

Party on.

Weee for the goodness 2012

My eyes are somewhat like watery as we speak. And yes, I am sick.

Earlier this week, I was still fine, cool and nervous at the same time because of the release of grades. (And yes!! It's now good and definitely best, naks! Haha) Then, Wednesday came and a common cold hit me, and actually ruined some of my plans for the week. I can't smell anything, of course the taste demeanor is suspended too and I can't sleep well at night due to the freakin' clog inside my nose.

Well, enough of this sick girl thing.

So grades are finally out! I could still remember the first grade distribution way back from my first year college days, and to tell you honestly.. it was crazy. That was my first time so I don't know what's gonna happen and all the paranoia regarding grades were gliding inside my head. The same feeling when I last checked my grades for the 'last' time. This was the most crucial part I could say, because there's nothing I can do to make up for my sho…

Music Buddies

My music buddies, Stinson and Scherbatsky.
Though I don't know if they could understand all the songs that I used to play or listen to; but as I can see they're enjoying the whole companionship that we're establishing. Perhaps they're more than bunnies for me and just ordinary bunnies for you, but what I know is they do have the capability to make everything crazier for me, and that makes it so wonderful. 
Camaraderie 2012.

Yow, Batman!

The "Bahala na si Batman" kept me company throughout my college years especially when paper works and deadlines were exploiting my whole being. The 'missing it all' part is already poking me, thus, saddens me whenever I try to reminisce.

I'm coming out, comfort zone.

My Emptiness | Ciudad

There's gotta be something to ponder on this summer. The sunny day, the heat and everything that a graduating student and soon to be an official part of the 'real' society is going through. I don't know where I'm up to or where I want to be, the sinking in part is not yet into me so the life full of reveries is still a life full of reveries. An escapist, who loves to deal with monsters and zombies, literally and figuratively, is actually having tutorials, alone learning and alone dealing; not an emo though, but I don't know what's going on your mind and I just might don't pay attention. So the so called emptiness that blurring up my view is something to be taken good care of, yes, because it feels right.

Ciudad's My Emptiness is the perfect soundtrack for this perturbation. Teehee! The video is awesome and the lyrics hit me amazingly. Nice! Enjoy the Friday everyone, I hope you can enjoy the stuff that's blurring up your mind too.

My Emptiness b…

Zombies, Monsters, Friends, and Fun

There are moments in your life when you don't really bother explaining how the world is actually treating you. You somehow find it awkward to deal with every moments and stuff that occupies space and has mass, though, you want to vent it out and tell the world that you are actually being paranoid and miserable but you just don't know where to start, you don't even know where you are coming from and, you are, perhaps too scared that no one will ever get interested or pay any attention to you and to the words and thoughts that will bombed out from your mouth. Life is hard, isn't it?

This isn't about me being deep, maybe I just need someone who can share Zombies and Monsters stories with me. I was too grawl about last month's season of love (though I'm not a hater, believe me, I'm just being freaky mwehehe), and that being freaky made me realize that... I need a friend (or a boyfriend. Hahaha) who can yell 'Yuck!' with me when we get to see somethi…

Champagne Supernova in the Sky

If you would ask me about my favorite song/s, I'm sure I will think about Weezer's Island in the Sun or most probably Here, There and Everywhere, Dear Prudence or Norwegian Wood by The Beatles or if the category would be OPM, it'll be Up Dharma Down's Oo, Sembreak by Eraserheads or something from the band Tanya Markova, Urbandub, Sandwich or Franco . But to top all of those songs in my playlist and the ones I got LSS-ed to, definitely it's Champagne Supernova for the win.

Champagne Supernova by Oasis is indeed my favorite song - I have lots of faves and good songs in my mind but Champagne Supernova made it to the peak. Oasis is my favorite band next to The Beatles; their music is really incredible, and I wish I could play their songs as great as they did/play as great as them.

Different songs for different moods. In my case, I could listen to this song whenever I'm happy and whenever I feel kinda down and out, or maybe when PMS is rushing in, definitely for all…

Congratulations FEU-JMA!

A day full of laughter, fun and sad moments, too. I want to extend my awesome congratulations to the newly elected officers of Far Eastern University - Junior Marketing Association for Academic Year 2012-2013! You all deserve the position and I am hoping that you guys will continue the legacy, engage into a productive organization and all positivity that you can associate and offer to your fellow Marketing Management students.

I am so proud to be a part of FEU-JMA, from the very start of my college life until the end - and I must say that I am a proud baby of this organization!

Maybe some of you weren't happy for the election result because you guys have your own bets, but I know that you are glad to know that it is certain that the organization is in good hands. Let's cheers to that!

The moment that I hugged all of you earlier marked the time that it's time for me, for us (graduating students) to leave and to face a new life out of our comfort zone. It is indeed hard to s…