V-day 2012

Today is Valentine's day! Hooray! I'm happy and feeling slightly inggit (envious) seeing couples/lovers everywhere, strolling around, having their incredible and sweet date gimiks for this day and posting cheesy pictures on facebook and twitter. It boils down to one thing... That's life. Haha!

It was indeed an exciting day, I was assigned by my grandpa to be an apprentice of a surprise for my dearest grandma on this special day. I was very excited when I woke up, but it turned out... I ruined the surprise! I accidentally spilled out to my grandma that there will be a surprise for her, and I was in-charge to do it. Haha! I felt so sorry, it just went so funny because my grandma found it so sweet that my grandpa (who's actually not into cheesy things) had planned a surprise for her (through chocolates and cakes), even it was mirthful for her... still, I felt and still feeling sorry about the ruined surprise.

Gahd. So I thought I can be an awesome Ninja for today to surprise her. Anyway, her birthday is coming in two months time so I still have more than 50 days to think of another surprise and to keep my mouth shut to not ruin things up. Heehee.

Although I don't have a date this Valentine's day (I have actually - bunch of good friends, single friends... but since we want to spend Valentine's day celebration with our respective families, we decided to be where we are now... Home) I enjoyed being here in our wonderful home, though we don't have hearty heart streamers and full red force decorations, we could still feel that the love is in the air. All good!

I hope you guys had fun today, felt the love and will keep on spreading it. <3

Happy Valentine's day!
Random pictures of the week (V-day special heehee)

My Valentine <3
My baby cousin, Derenz Raeden

Waiting for sunset

My gorgeous grandma :)

Grandma's favorite display

My handsome grandpa and cutie pie Derenz 

Happy Love Day! <3


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