Resident Evil 5: Retribution (3D)

The continuation of browsing about Zombie action games was on-going when I saw this trailer of the upcoming sci-fi action horror movie, Resident Evil 5: Retribution in 3D (this coming September, I think)

When the past unveiled and then you continue to hunt and to chase those who are responsible for the outbreak - Alice (Milla Jovovich) takes into place. With all quests from Tokyo to New York, Moscow, and Washington D.C. in line with all the astonishing, eye-opening and mind-blowing apocalypse/revelation; Alice is now forced to rethink and rediscover everything until to the point of finally uncovering the truth about her whole being and the Umbrella Corporation she's chartered into.

There's more into this magnificent film.
It's now time for the Retribution.

*video/trailer from YouTube


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