Something New

There's something new in here! My blog's font style. :)
I changed it; since it's new year and I want something new from my somewhat old life, I changed the font style of my blog. I think this font now is more eye-friendly and readable (well, maybe just for me). I really want to renovate my blog because it's already 2012 (hahaha, this is a new year hangover and actually felt like a must to change something for the new atmosphere of this year) but I don't have enough time yet to do some fancy things for the blog. I want to cry.

I do have many ideas in regards to retouching and putting something new in here. My bro gave me  (haha, bro! It's mine already!) a drawing tablet so that I could sketch directly on the computer, because sometimes when I sketch or doodle some stuff on a paper, my little cousins used to fantasize and draw more in it.. you might think it's cute and cool but sometimes they tend to ruin it all for me and I left crying like a baby.

Now I wish I could have more time to sketch or doodle. All spare time left is for sleeping, reading books and sleeping again, and sleeping again. Since the past 2 months were cruel (and still goes on) that I had to devote myself on waking up early - though it's fine, since I'm a morning person convert, the only problem is that I don't really feel like I'm productive or so. It's so hard to explain, let's end these negative thoughts. Blam! This battle with time is catastrophic. *Face palm*

Let's cut it off and explore the positive side! :)

On other topic: I'm listening to Jason Mraz's song 'I Won't Give Up' and felt like a little kilig, hahaha. Naaaaks! In-like? :)


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