Waddup D.

The first night is kinda gloomy, feeling sad, maybe. My eyes hurts in crying too much because of a nightmare. That, led me to fearsome day, I may not want to blink my eyes nor sleep for I can see the darkness and the creepiness of the unforgettable dream. I may be alive but on that dream I was dead. In all white, crying so hard and saying goodbye to people I love. I just couldn't take it much longer.

I could feel the month of December. Christmas spirit everywhere, giving gifts and Christmas plans are bound to shine. It's been a tough week for me. The last week of November made me feel alone, literally alone. My grandfather undergone an operation accompanied by my grandmother, I wanted to be with them in the hospital but I just can't, I have work and other activities that should be taken first before anything else. My grandmother told me that they'll be fine, and now, they are fine. They'll be home on Sunday, and I am really looking forward to that. I missed them so much. Living alone isn't really easy, I nailed down each fast-food every lunch and dinner because I am too tired to cook, and if I will, I just have to serve only for myself, which I think it won't make it really fun at all.

I'm hoping that December will be good, just like what I wished in the previous months that came. We are 30 days away to 2012, perhaps we should make the most out of 2011 and let's enjoy the remaining days of this awesome year. I hope December won't give me nightmares anymore, I don't want to wake up crying again. Hearing myself cry made me awake and be aware I was having nightmares, it's too painful to bear.

I'm finally closing the month of November, it's been tough yet so fun. I've learned a lot really. November was the month I got the chance to swear and test about the moving on letting go phase of mine for someone really special. The cause of the thing which was not longer worth the wait, the headache and the heartache, like a seasoning mix that's on all in one seasoning pack - the package of the emotions was thrilling enough to make me realize that things should be on their right places starting from now. Happiness, hate, hurt, love and many other forms of feelings and emotions were trying to analyze me, yes, it's the other way around now. I know life will be vivid sooner or later, the bright side is waiting.

I can't wait to walk on sunshine.

December, please make everything cool and fine.


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