Keeping up with S

Sleep has always been an issue.

5 hours of sleep a day is already enough for me to perform well. I guess. On the other hand, I'm always dreaming to sleep more than 5 hours and at least reach the 8 hours quota of the perfect duration of sleep that everyone is talking about.

For the nth time, I know that I'm talking about presentations, events and other school activities. To sum up, I'm talking about stress here.

Coffee replaces my blood, and I couldn't imagine my life without it. Speaking from experiences with some scattered ideas.. stress wasn't really underrated at all.
In my opinion, the latter part of the semester is the most stressful area of the adventure. You should pass requirements, do paper works (self-explanatory, fun and stressful) and do presentations (which is fun!) Well, after all of those... you worry about the results, you worry about your standing, and yes.. you worry about your grades. Even though you know that you did all your best and you performed well, you engaged yourself to the idea that you don't want to be complacent about stuff; for the fact that it can also have some marvelous powers to disappoint you at some point. And that is.. Stressful.

Baaaah, enough of stress and other negative stuff.
Concentrating on the brighter side of life: The life of a marketing student is really awesome; there's always something new; you will rarely get bored, you could learn a lot of things not just only by listening to the academic lectures but also reflecting on the good basis and great stuff from those people around you by which, they could really inspire you that deep, plus, you can always maximize your skills and build up ideas. No doubt, it's really alottafun.
Moving to a flexible nature, showing concern to the environment you are into  and the people around you, as well as economic issues and the like, are some of the factors that can make you enjoy the field.
Honestly, these are all subtle. A shortcut to.. Way to perfect and way to fun.

It doesn't matter if you are stressed or what, it's about having it your way and loving what you do.

*Sleep* ZZZzzz :-)


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