Dark Hallway

She was alone in a dark hallway, thinking about a man; probably the romance that they had in the past. It was an uneasy thing for her, a little awkward to take, that no matter how hard she tried to throw away her feelings, she knew, it was impossible.
Almost everything was about him, each minute, hour, days and months, that for her he became her life. In that dark hallway, she was looking for an answer, enjoying the silence and formulating all of her thoughts and ideas with tears falling down her face. It was too painful, too uncompromising and crucial.

She thought that man was different, she believed, she engaged her whole being to him, not knowing it will not be worth it. Something unexpected happened, there was another aspect, another person involved: another female was in the picture - third party. She was in her lowest moments, didn't know how to survive, didn't know what to do. The only thing that kept her going was the reality of life, that -- people come and go, others can hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, but you should accept and understand things.

She is alone in a dark hallway, no more tears falling down her face but there's still some questions rotating on her mind, perhaps figuring things out.

Maybe she don't deserve that love and she's not worthy of the sacrifices and efforts, but it involves that feeling.. if that's the case, then would it mean that, that 'love' wasn't true?


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