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August, that fast?

The month of September is approaching, the start of the -ber months as they say. We may not notice that the year is about to end too, that fast. I've been mingling with stress for almost a whole year already and it sarcastically felt so good. My being couldn't take the pressure of the fast-paced life anymore and I want to slow it down for the benefit of all. I salute those individuals who work under pressure and stress, therefore, I salute myself.

I want  September to be fantastic! I know that it'll be a hell month for me because of midterm examinations and still, unbeatable, invincible and unyielding.. Paper works. After all of this, I hope that my life would change.. for the better. I want to be more productive (I'm working on that). 7 months more then I will be turning over my life to the next level, graduation is quite near, in line with the days that nailing the whole world so fast.

I should start thinking about the most serious side of life. Alter ego is pushing …


My views regarding relationships and how it is like to be a nonbeliever base in the reality of life and not in a form of fairy tales and forever afters.

"You just have to commit to the idea that you don't want to commit to a certain thing or person because it will just complicate and obscure things and perhaps ruin you."                                                                                                                       - Shainne Hostalero

For now, I don't believe in a so called relationship but I do believe in love, it's just I want to commit to something more different, something I really like and want to do and something I want to devote myself into, that for now, it's not a relationship, it's not a boy and girl thing, it's more on activities, career, selfless undertakings, a thing that could help many individuals. Those might sound corny, jologs or whatever yet those are the things I want to do.

I don't even need someone who wi…

Coffee Bean and the past Sunday

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf moment (with my friend, Manilyn)

Last Sunday, Manilyn and I went to TriNoma (as usual) to have some relaxation and coffee; supposedly in Starbucks but there's no space available for us in all Starbucks Coffee in Tri. We went to Seattle's Best, still crowded, no available chairs and tables. Then, we decided to go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, luckily, we had the chance to sit in a couch. We ordered White Chocolate Dream (Ice Blended), a muffin and an ensaymada and still missing Starbucks Frappuccino *sigh* then the story began, a lot of catching up happened, stories, theories, anything under the sun.
The Realization:
The world is lovely especially to the relationship ~nonbeliever~ *ehem*, you know there's something wrong with you when everybody is so cheesy yet you can't feel and do anything but to crave for more ice blend and frappucino. 
To clarify, you're enjoying the scene of cheesiness but not reacting positively nor showing bitterness.

How could you?

A year of playing, a year of somewhat senseless stuff, you and me.. me and you but there's no us. Your life, my life, doesn't have any correlation at all. All play.

Getting down to being serious about this matter, this human being who is not a relationship believer, commitment hater and tends to stereotype most of the time is now thinking about her life, about her life with you in it and if this game is tooling the universe for you both. She can't tell you why, you wouldn't understand anyway, the same as she couldn't get it too. In forefront of all the negative and positive in her life right now.. she's confused. She wanted a new beginning but she's having a hard time to decide about it without considering you dealing with the life she's projecting about.

One year has passed... feels like it all happened just yesterday. She needed you but you weren't there to help her, to simply be with her; she thought that this is a good life, vibrant and vivid bu…

The "I don't fear the end of human kind feeling"..actually on going.

This is such an aberrant innervation that myself is processing, feels like I'm emotionally unstable and I can't wait to screw hard those hindrances and tell the world, "I survived! Hell? In yo' face!"

All predicaments seem to have aftertastes; all of those are simply not ideal and I'm letting myself not to be so exemplary for every human being in this world, the point of realizing that all of these ideas are useless, senseless and weird is fast approaching.

Moreover, I'm expecting that all of the things in my mind are just those simple stuff that I can use for future reference and not to wind (verb) me hard at this very moment. If I will disappear and hell yeah, if the human kind will end later, I am not scared... for at least I am not the only one who will be out of life in this earth. I don't like this kind of feeling. I'm dying (exaggeration and a half)

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows (2011)

For those who are fan of Sherlock Holmes (just like me), here's the sequel of the 2009 film Sherlock Holmes that will be on movie houses on December of this year. More action, twists, and mysteries upcoming. Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes) and Jude Law (Dr. John Watson) recapitulate their roles as duo, join forces to circumvent and bring down their most devious foe, Professor Moriarty.

Movie: Friends With Benefits (2011)

Friends With Benefits (2011)

The perfect movie to have a break from the cliches of Hollywood romantic comedies, adding up a real extravagant spice to this film makes the day go for the perfect sunshine. And if you are going to ask me "How much do you love Justin Timberlake?".. Well, I don't have any idea at all, I just so love him and the hotness of Mila Kunis is just... damn, wow.

A must-see!

(Movie Trailer courtesy of Youtube and you're right! This blog is for 'anything goes' thoughts of mine)