Treat yourself to some Personal Time

I need something to do each day.. yeah, I'm already busy but simple tasks are more motivating and fun, just something to remind me that I'm living a simple life and loving it. I have these cards to pick each day that contains some tasks to do, it's like treating yourself to some Personal Time*.

"Steal a tranquil moment or two in your day by picking one card - each has an uplifting idea to chase the blahs and blues away."
Card 1:
 Some people find dusting therapeutic. Try polishing silverware or your shoes. Organize your closet, file and put things in their proper order. Take away stuff that you don't use and donate to folks you have less. Repair items if you can.
 So, I organized my closet this morning and put things in order, took away stuff and repaired an old calculator.

Simple things are extraordinary! Living life without a glimpse of hurt. Simple tasks can make you realize every little thing in this world, that in fact small things can do big changes. We don't need to trigger a lot just to be happy and feel so free.

*a product of Papemelroti


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