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Music in stills

Originally uploaded by btPHOTO This red, orange, blonde, yellow or whatever color headed girl been a great influence to me when it comes to music.

From All We Know, Brighter and My Heart.... to That's What You Get, Crush Crush Crush and and Misery Business.. comes with the different demos like Miracle, Just Like Me and Love's Not a Competition But I'm Winning to Twilight's OST, Decode and now through Ignorance, Careful, The Only Exception and Misguided Ghost. This, I can say and i have no doubts, she still \m/

Punk Rock, Rock, Alternatives and Acoustics, Hayley Williams can say it all. Even for Pop (Airplanes with B.o.B), Kiss Me cover and Bad Romance cover, she's unstoppable.

Creating a trade mark with the use of her multi-colored hair, great voice and awesome live performances, she's a definition of a WOW.

Where music in stills, where ears at ease and when hearts sees the meaning of peace.

through it all. through the new found glow defines and seeks…

Cashew Road to Bukit Panjang

Cashew Road to Bukit Panjang
Originally uploaded by shainnelim Philippines unstable standing throughout the globe makes me think of going back to Singapore. But what lies behind a true Filipino is that we know how to fight for our country and bring back the light to ours.

I’m staying here forever. :)

Brand New Eyes

Brand New Eyes
Originally uploaded by Confetii ッ Paramore's Brand New Eyes.

Well, this album is a way different than All We Know is Falling and Riot. The songs in this album talks a lot on attitude, friendships and others more on love. You can see the creativeness, different renditions and rhythms of each songs.

Coming from Nashville, TN. I think Paramore tours gave this band more experiences, gaining friends in different places and concerning about what people might think. Well, it happens all the time, we aren't the same when it comes to looks, taste and preferences, the way we talk, the way we laugh, stare or many other things. We just need to accept or have a look on the good side of the people and learn how to deal with them.

Well, I can say, this band is really ready for mature role in the industry, it reflects a lot to their songs. Brand New Eyes album gave so much pressure to Paramore because of the super duper success of the Final Riot, which maybe I think caused int…

Duck on the Water

Originally uploaded by Russell, Russ or Ross
How I wish I can go to a place like this.
Where life at ease, and life at peace.
From this day can be just a lease.
Even from the moment that my world can be please.

I know life won't seem to care at all.
But having been forgotten can be dim my hall.
Just found you between my lines of fall.
Will you be there to catch me through it all?

I'm just a duck with no place to go.
The water's underneath, can't reap, can't sow.
Maybe someday you can be with me with the snow.
Just look at me and say Hello.

- Shainne

Found this on flickr. Credits to Rusell, Russ or Ross. :)